Foundational Kryptopyrrole Analysis

What’s Included in Your Test Kit Price:

-Test kit instructions
-All collection materials
-Overnight Fed Ex return shipping label with a shipping bag
-Running of the test
-Reporting of the result

Patient Preparation:

Do not collect the first morning urine specimen. A second morning urine collection is preferred, but not required.
Supplements containing vitamins or minerals should be stopped 12-24 hours prior to your urine collection. Antibiotics may cause an interfering substance and create a result that cannot be reported. However, do not go off any prescription medications unless advised by your ordering physician

Shipping Instructions:

Urine Kryptopyrrole specimens can be shipped to our laboratory on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday.
Please do not ship your Kryptopyrrole specimen on a Thursday, Friday or over the weekend.

  • Kryptopyrrole Quantitative Urine  —  $131.00

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