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The Mycotoxins panel measures levels of mycotoxins produced by common molds that people are exposed to. Mycotoxin exposure can come from both dietary and environmental sources. Dietary sources include spoiled or rotten foods, grains, dried fruits, nuts, coffee, and spices. Environmental sources include living or working in water-damaged buildings, airborne or physical contact with outdoor molds, and airborne dust in buildings containing mold spores. If you were diagnosed with or suspect toxic burden, impaired immunity, autoimmune disease, or exposure to mold, this panel may benefit you.

The Vibrant Mycotoxins tests for the presence of 29 of the most common mycotoxins produced by mold, detecting molecules at the parts per quadrillion (PPQ) size.

5 Aflatoxins
– Aflatoxin B1
– Aflatoxin G2
– Aflatoxin B2
– Aflatoxin M1
– Aflatoxin G1

13 Other Mycotoxins
– Chaetoglobosin A
– Citrinin
– Dihydrocitrinone
– Enniatin B1
– Fumonisins B1
– Fumonisins B2
– Fumonisins B3
– Gliotoxin
– Mycophenolic Acid
– Ochratoxin A
– Patulin
– Sterigmatocystin
– Zearalenone

11 Trichothecenes
– Deoxynivalenol
– Diacetoxyscirpenol
– Nivalenol
– Roridin A
– Roridin E
– Roridin L2
– Satratoxin G
– Satratoxin H
– T-2 Toxin
– Verrucarin A
– Verrucarin J

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