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Array 5 – Multiple Autoimmune Reactivity Screen

The Array 5 – Multiple Autoimmune Reactivity Screen from Cyrex Laboratories assesses autoantibodies predictive for certain diseases. It determines potential tissue damage in various body organs, including cardiovascular, endocrine, joint, gastrointestinal, and neurological. Early detection of autoimmunity is helpful in potentially halting or reversing disease progression.

The Array 5 – Multiple Autoimmune Reactivity Screen measures Predictive Antibodies and self-targeting indicators for acquiring particular autoimmune diseases in the future.

As the Array 5 – Multiple Autoimmune Reactivity Screen produces results that can predict some illnesses up to 10 years in advance.

It is a beneficial test for patients with a diagnosed autoimmune condition, those at risk for developing autoimmune diseases, or patients with chronic increased intestinal permeability with potential for environmentally-induced autoimmune issues.

Some common patient types this test is beneficial for are:

– Addison’s disease
– Chronic fatigue syndrome
– Diabetes
– Fibromyalgia
– Grave’s
– Inflammatory Bowel Disease
– Lupus
– Rheumatoid arthritis

Antigens Tested (IgG)

– Thyroglobulin
– Thyroid Peroxidase (TPO)

Antigens Tested (IgG + IgA Combined)

– Parietal Cell + ATPase
– Intrinsic Factor
– Tropomyosin
– 21 Hydroxylase (Adrenal Cortex)
– Myocardial Peptide
– Alpha-Myosin
– Phospholipid
– Platelet Glycoprotein
– Ovary/Testis*
– Fibulin
– Collagen Complex
– Arthritic Peptide
– Osteocyte
– Cytochrome P450 (Hepatocyte)
– Insulin + Islet Cell Antigen
– Glutamic Acid Decarboxylase 65 (GAD 65)
– Myelin Basic Protein
– Asialoganglioside
– Alpha + Beta Tubulin
– Cerebellar
– Synapsin

*Ovary and Testis are tested together to avoid any confusion arising out of potential cross-reactivity.

Performing Laboratory is Cyrex Labs.

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