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IML 8-OHdgG Oxidative Stress Test


Product Description

IML 8-OHdgG Oxidative Stress Test: Urinary 8-hydroxy-2′-deoxyguanosine (8-OHdG).


The IML-Oxidative Stress Test will aid in your assessment of oxidative stress and endogenous oxidative DNA damage. Over time this damage has the potential to yield many diverse pathological conditions and chronic diseases.

We chose 8-OHdG as our Oxidative Stress Test because:

  1. Scientific literature indicates 8-OHdG has been well studied and appears to be the biomarker of choice to measure oxidative stress.
  2. We wanted to add a test to our Chronic Inflammation Test to enhance your diagnostic capabilities and therapeutic assessment on the same urine specimen.
  3. Chronic inflammation and oxidative stress mutually support each other contributing to the systemic hyper-inflammatory state of thrombo-inflammation.

“The measurement of oxidative stress and inflammatory biomarkers as part of routine assessment appears to have clinical relevance by increasing the sensitivity of current risk scores and providing an early indication of the presence of a (sub-clinical) disease process.”

Urine specimen collection and transportation requirements of the IML Oxidative Stress Test are as follows; simply place the urine specimen in the prepaid FedEx envelope supplied in the kit and ship on the same day the specimen is collected.


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