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Dutch Cycle Mapping

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**NOTE: All laboratory testing requires an authorizing physician in order to complete the laboratory testing.**

DUTCH Cycle Mapping (Female Only)

Get the Full Picture Throughout the Entire Menstrual Cycle

For some female patients, testing on just one day of the month is not enough.  Women with infertility, irregular cycles or no menstrual bleeding due to an ablation or partial hysterectomy can benefit from the DUTCH Cycle Mapping.  This profile helps evaluate hormones throughout a full menstrual cycle.  Nine targeted estrogen and progesterone measurements provide important details on a patient’s hormone levels in the follicular, ovulatory and luteal phases of the cycle.  Easily collected in the comfort of your own home, samples are sent to our lab to be processed.  The report provides a detailed analysis, ensuring more individualized treatment by your healthcare provider.

This kit includes:

  • Easy directions and filter paper collection strips
  • Requisition form for patient information, pertinent supplements, medications, hormone replacement and a health questionnaire
  • Sealable return envelope.

These results include:

  • Nine (9) targeted estrogen and progesterone measurements taken throughout the cycle to characterize the follicular, ovulatory and luteal phases
  • Graphical representation of results and embedded video tutorials to assist in the hormone test analysis to share with your medical provider

*Cycle Mapping can also be combined with the DUTCH Complete for a more comprehensive hormone panel.


Instructions (PDF)
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Sample Report

Sample Report (PDF)
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