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Flexi-Matrix 3-5 Analytes

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Product Description

**NOTE: All laboratory testing requires an authorizing physician in order to complete the laboratory testing.**


The Flex-Matrix test allows you to pick any 3-5 saliva tests. Pick any 3-5 analytes you see below!


Test Name Code
Follicle stimulating hormone FSH
Luteinizing hormone LH
Testosterone TTF
Androstenedione AND
Dihydrotestosterone DHT
Estrone E1
Estradiol E2
Estriol E3
Progesterone P1
Cortisol 6am-8am TAP1
Cortisol 11am-1pm TAP2
Cortisol 4pm-5pm TAP3
Cortisol 10pm-midnight TAP4
Cortisol 2am-4am TAP5
17-OH Progesterone P17-OH
Insulin, fasting ISN1
Insulin, non-fasting ISN2
Milk (casein) antibody sIgA FI-1
Soy (protein) antibody sIgA FI-2
Egg (ovalbumin) antibody sIgA FI-3
Gluten (gliadin) antibody sIgA FI-4
Total salivary sIgA MB2S
Toxoplasma gondii antibody, sIgA GP6S
Entamoeba histolytica antibody, sIgA GP7S
Helicobacter pylori antibody, IgG GP8S
Ascaris lumbricoides (roundworm) antibody, sIgA ASC
Taenia solium (tapeworm) antibody, sIgA T-SOL
Trichinella spiralis antibody, sIgA TRIC

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