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MZW Organic Acids Test

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Organic Acids Test

The Organic Acids Test is the most comprehensive test for gut function. This test measures key products of metabolism in the body, and by doing so, it allows us to evaluate imbalances in vital molecules that are associated with the overall health of the body.


It tests for 76 biomarkers that allow us to assess:

– candida/bacterial overgrowth

– metabolism + oxidation

– mitochondrial health

– neurotransmitter levels

– vitamin levels


I recommend this test when your health history indicates:

– gut-based imbalances

– autoimmune conditions

– degenerative conditions

– behavioral and mood imbalances


The details of this test include:

– laboratory used = The Great Plains Laboratory, Inc.

– sample used = one collection of urine

– method used = at-home kit sent to you

– shipping used = packaging included for free shipping back to lab


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