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Nohr Trio-Smart (SIBO Test)


Product Description

Trio-Smart (SIBO Test) – Hydrogen + Methane + Hydrogen Sulfide


The trio-smart™ breath test measures the levels of hydrogen, methane, and hydrogen sulfide in the breath of patients after lactulose or glucose consumption.

Hydrogen is indicative of Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO). Methane is indicative of Intestinal Methanogenic Overgrowth (IMO) and correlates with constipation. Hydrogen Sulfide is indicative of Excess Hydrogen Sulfide​ and correlates with diarrhea.

Trio-smart™ provides the complete fermented gas profile of the microbiome. In a recent study, it was determined that hydrogen is consumed to produce methane and hydrogen sulfide. trio-smart™ provides a complete picture of this complex interplay with measurements of hydrogen, methane and hydrogen sulfide.

Trio-smart™ is the only breath test to measure hydrogen sulfide, which is correlated to diarrhea. In a recent study, subjects with elevated levels of hydrogen sulfide had the greatest diarrhea among subjects referred for testing. Patients with elevated hydrogen sulfide levels may have appeared “normal” on previous breath tests.

Trio-smart™ uses best-in-class breath testing technology. In a recent study, the device used for trio-smart™ testing was determined to be “at least equivalent to conventional breath testing for assessing bacterial overgrowth.”


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