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The Mental M.A.P.™ 3.0

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Product Description

The Mental M.A.P.™ 3.0

This testing panel is used most often for those with Depression, Anxiety, ADHD, Behavioral disorders, Autism exacerbation, Dementia or other Neurodegenerative disorders, Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Insomnia or Brain Fog.

The Mental M.A.P.™️ helps elucidate the cause of symptoms from mental health dysfunction. Mental illnesses have a common underlying theme: Microglial Cell Activation and Dysfunction, Neuroinflammation and Excitotoxicity. Neuroinflammation and excitotoxicity cause neurotransmitter imbalances AND damage to our neurons.

The Mental M.A.P™️ was designed to be the most comprehensive and reliable test to assess Neuroinflammation, Microglial Activation, and Depressed Neuroplasticity.

3.0 Markers: Kryptopyrrole Quant Urine, Bile Acids, C-Peptide, CRP hs, Calcitriol (1,25 di-OH Vit. D), Calpropectin, Ceruloplasmin, CMP 14, Complement C4a, Copper, Ferritin, GGT, Glutathione, Hgb A1c w. eAAG Est., Histamine, Homocysteine, IL-10, IL-6 , Iron & TIBC, Lactoferrin Quant., Magnesium RBC, MMP-9, MTHFR, Myeloperoxidase, Neopterin, Sed. Rate Westergren, TGF – Beta 1, Uric Acid, Vitamin D 25 Hydroxy, Zinc


What’s included in your M.A.P?

  • Test kit instructions
  • All collection materials
  • Overnight FedEx return shipping label with bag
  • Fulfillment and processing of your test
  • Delivery of results to you


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