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MZW Comprehensive Stool Analysis

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Product Description

Comprehensive Stool Analysis

The Stool Analysis Test is a comprehensive test to detect the presence of parasites, overgrown bacteria, overgrown yeast, and Helicobacter pylori.


It tests for pathogens and biomarkers including:

– microscopy to detect parasites

– cultures to detect overgrown, opportunistic, and pathogenic bacteria

– cultures to detect yeast

– assays for Helicobacter pylori bacteria

– inflammation markers

– fatty acids

– digestion and absorption markers


I recommend this test when your health history indicates:

– gut-based imbalances

– autoimmune conditions

– degenerative conditions


The details of this test include: 

– laboratory used = Doctor’s Data, Inc.

– sample used = stool samples from 3 consecutive days

– method used = at-home kit sent to you

– shipping used = packaging included for free shipping back to lab


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