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"After working with multiple laboratories as a practitioner, I have found DHA is the absolute best to work with! Their customer service is so quick to respond, their ordering process is simple and it is beyond easy to personalize lab panels for clients. I have loved working with DHA and so have my clients!"

- Taylor, July 2024

"Your client support team is amazing! I can't say enough great things about their wonderful service! I'm all registered! I can't wait!"

- Shawna, July 2024

"I have used DHA in the past and the results and experience has been great! I’m looking forward to using DHA as my patients have a need for the testing."

- Kathy, June 2024

"Overall, very impressed with the offerings. Very comprehensive. I was impressed!"

- Misty, June 2024

"Loving it so far, thanks for all your help!"

- Dr. Ingram, June 2024

"Thank you so much for your help. You guys have been amazing."

- Huyen, June 2024

"From the 1st encounter with DHA labs it was a great experience. They explained how it all works, answered all of my questions and made the process of opening an account easy. Like with everything new sometimes are challenges until getting familiar with the ordering process, website, test results etc. DHA customer service was always on top of their game. Quick answers and solutions."

- Gabriela, May 2024

"Thank you for your professional and friendly service. Everyone I spoke with was very helpful. I appreciate very much being able to speak directly with someone rather than a computer or email, it’s much more accurate and efficient!"

- Melinda, April 2024

"The entire process start to finish was top notch!"

- HCR, April 2024

"You guys are the best!"

- Huyen, April 2024

"Great customer service!"

- Susan, April 2024

"DHA has been very helpful in answering all my questions and inquiries."

- Lisa, April 2024

"Thank you so much. Customer service is top notch here!"

- Valerie, March 2024

"So grateful for your amazing service!!"

- Shawna, March 2024

"Thank you very much! Your quick personal attention to get me what I needed is VERY much appreciated. Getting quickly connected to someone who understood and provided what I needed is a very rare experience in these days of so much automation!! As a business owner I understand what it takes to provide this level of service. Thank you!"

- Wendy, January 2024

"I asked a question and received prompt, courteous, and effective support; color me grateful! I am committed to DHA."

- Helen, January 2024

"Amazing and very quick answers from your client support team! I emailed your team several times asking many questions and every time I received detailed and quick answers. I definitely recommend your services."

- Anna, January 2024

"I really appreciate your friendly, quick and professional help!"

- Noel, December 2023

"It is a joy working with you."

- Heidi, December 2023

"I had a great experience with DHA lab. My test kit came quickly, instructions were easy to follow, and the turn around time to get my results was amazing! I really didn’t expect for get my results for at least a couple weeks. Thank you."

- Anonymous, November 2023

"Each experience I have had working with DHA labs has been great. The service impressive and their caring feels very sincere."

- Tanya, November 2023

"I have LOVED your service and will continue to use you. It was very easy to order labs and I love the communication - very satisfied."

- Holly, October 2023

"You are all fantastic and always so helpful!"

- Tracey, September 2023

"I’m writing to give feedback on the DHA and LabCorp processes. Having never used either lab before, I did not know what to expect. I found the whole process to be very professional and thorough. I called DHA a couple of times with questions regarding the tests. Both times my questions were completely answered by very pleasant individuals.
I used LabCorp’s Sun City West facility for the blood draw. It was only a short distance from my home. I must tell you the whole experience was incredible. The atmosphere in the facility was calming, decorated in soothing colors with no annoying piped in music, the desk person and lab tech were very kind, and it was the easiest blood draw I’ve ever had. The lab tech “Paula” was very accommodating as I was in a wheelchair. I would definitely go there again and recommend it locally to others.

As for the DHA process, the urine mailing kit was straightforward. Directions were very clear. Results from that test came back immediately. Results from the blood tests came in a week and that was with a holiday. I appreciated the secure method used to provide the test results as well.

All in all, I want to thank you for making the process a pleasant experience."

- Leeta, September 2023

"Had the pleasure of working with Savannah from DHA labs this past March. She very patiently explained the testing procedures for multiple tests and assisted with our very complicated needs. We are from Hawaii but had the test kits mailed to a relative in Washington state, where we completed the testing (we flew over). The logistics were mind boggling and were complicated by our short stay and problems with the "overnight shipping" that ended up being "four-day shipping" due to weather delays on the East Coast. Savannah kept abreast of our situation and provided alternate options and much needed reassurance that our needs would be met. All was well in the end as a result of Savannah's support. Her customer service was top notch and noteworthy!"

- Dee, July 2023

"Your services are always amazing! So grateful!!" :)

- Shawna, July 2023

"Thanks so much for your fast response. It was great working with you and I would recommend you to anyone"

- Melissa, June 2023

"Thank you so much for being so prompt with the test and sending the results! This report has helped me tremendously in showing me what I need to do to support my deficiencies and increase good health. I sincerely appreciate it! :)"

- Anonymous, June 2023

"I am Canadian. Despite our universal health care system, which it is great to have, there are certain, alternative, pathways Canadian medicine doesn’t follow. I have Lyme’s disease and DHA offers tests and consultation on the results through Mensah Medical not available in Canada. Arranging to have a blood draw done in Canada and sent to the US has been impossible where I live and the staff at DHA have walked me through figuring out how to proceed. Short story, I am driving over the border to have a bloodtest done in Bellingham, WA.

I think the rates charged are fair and the customer service is excellent. I’m grateful this alternative is available for me."

- Carole, June 2023

"The response was fast and helpful! Great customer service."

- Valentina, June 2023

"I very much appreciated how patient and helpful the laboratory was in sending kits to me. They were very kind!"

- Anonymous, June 2023

"Thank you so much!! Your service is amazing!!!"

- Shawna, May 2023

"Also, thank you for all of your help. You have been great to work with and deal with. Very much appreciated!
Looking forward to working with you in the future and helping my patients through your lab services."

- Alexander, April 2023

"Thank you. I am very impressed with the service and attention. Much gratitude"

- Reed, March 2023

"I'm looking forward to working with DHA. The staff has been wonderful thus far."

- Vicki, March 2023

"Everything was so easy and professional. Absolutely satisfied."

- Eva, March 2023

"As always – you all are patient and the BEST! Thank you."

- Tracey, February 2023

"Thank you so much for your amazing service!!"

- Anonymous, February 2023

"Thank you for responding to me so promptly. In particular, Jesse has been extremely professional and helpful throughout any problems that arose regarding my testing experiences with Labcorp after Mensah Medical Outreach appointments. Jesse was also helpful in locating my lab work that I mistakenly thought I requested at my last appointment in September 2022."

- Felice, February 2023

“DHA Lab’s client support team went above and beyond when I requested lab records that are several years old. The staff located my records the same day and within 24 hours had them securely delivered to me. Truly professional. Thank you"

- Ben, February 2023

"Thank You DHA Lab so much for working so well with me in my home test kits as well as my Labcorp appointment and with receiving my results. You Are The Best in every way."

- Jocelyn, January 2023

"I just wanted to say that I’ve had a positive experience completing my lab through your company and appreciate the timeliness with which you reviewed my sample and reported my test results. Thank you!"

- Anonymous, January 2023

"DHA Laboratory is all about serving our patients/clients quickly, efficiently, and with kindness. The staff go above and beyond to get things done. I’m happy that I chose them for my practice! "

- Maribel, January 2023

"As always your customer service is fantastic and appreciated."

- Tracey, December 2022

"The support I received today was perfect."

- Kathie, December 2022

"My experience with your lab has been excellent. My questions were answered promptly and knowledgeably, and I very much appreciate that I can reach someone on the phone in order to ask questions. Thank you for doing the work that you do."

- Ellen, December 2022

"You are the best! I appreciate how helpful your customer service group is."

- Tracey, December 2022

"My daughter is only on week one of the full supplement regimen, but we are seeing positive results right away. It is invaluable to be able to have the consultation provided with the test results. Having a specific supplement regimen and ability to speak to a knowledgeable doctor and nurse was so helpful. Living across the country, but still having this access is amazing."

- Anonymous, November 2022

"The service you provide on finding draw sites close to a client’s home is amazing!"

- Dr. Brooks, November 2022

"You are the absolute best! Thanks."

- Daniel, September 2022

"Thank you so much for all your help! Your customer service has been truly outstanding. All my questions were answered promptly and all the instructions provided by you were clear, detailed and easy to understand. You have made ordering, conducting and returning laboratory tests internationally as easy and convenient as it can get. Working with you has been a very positive experience."

- Satu, October 2022

"This is a wonderful lab, I am so thankful for it! Thank you so much for the good work that you do."

- Kylie, October 2022

"Leon on the phone with me was a great representative. He stayed right with me responding to a myriad of questions. The response of your team to my latest e-mail was very fast and courteous. I definitely appreciate your great customer service!!!"

- Jean, September 2022

"Thank you so much for your help. That is awesome!!! You guys are amazing!! Your service is an enormous blessing to me and all of the families I work with. Thank you for all you do!"

- Shawna, August 2022

"Thank you for your amazing customer service! "

- Jamie, June 2022

"You are the best!!!"

- Hollie, June 2022

"Thanks, you guys give great support!"

- Dave, June 2022

"You have been extremely helpful in guiding me through the process of ordering the correct labs, fixing my mistakes, keeping me informed, and answering all my questions!"

- Dave, June 2022

"Called DHA labs numerous times for info on tests and ordering. Staff was extremely knowledgable and patient. This was my first time ordering tests on my own (not from my doctor/within my province) and DHA made it easier and have a seamless process."

- Anonymous, May 2022

"Y'all are the best. Thank you!"

- Bess - May 2022

"I have nothing but positive things to say about DHA. Communication is great (both with myself and my patients), labs are handled very efficiently, and results are posted in a timely manner."

- Alice, April 2022

"I appreciate your great service."

- Kevin, February 2022

"I am so grateful! I appreciate the service you provide!"

- Cindy, February 2022

"I can't say enough good things about your company and how much I've enjoyed working with you through the years!"

- Kaely, February 2022

"Thank you for your super quick reply, Jesse. You are Amazing!

We very much appreciate working with you at DHA Labs - thanks again :)"

- Alena, January 2022

"After 6 weeks of consistent treatment with various amino acids, vitamins, and minerals, my symptoms have improved greatly. My anxiety has eased, I have much better focus and am able to read books for entertainment again, my appetite and sleep have improved, and my hair fall has slowed dramatically. After experiencing the gradual but profound change in my focus, sleep, attitude, and mental health, I know that I am finally on the right path to becoming well again and will not only use DHA Lab to retest myself again in 6 months, but I am eventually going to have my children tested as well."

- Jennifer, January 2022

"You all have been amazing and incredibly communicative!"

- Calista - December 2021

"Thank you so much for your help with this blood draw. Your customer service is incredible! Happy New Year!"

- Tina, December 2021

"Everyone that I've spoken to so far has been supportive; not condescending or critical. That goes a long way when a patient is feeling insecure about doing something they've never done before. The DHA team appear to want to do nothing more than to help in every way!"

- Karen, November 2021

"I have been very happy with DHA labs! "

- Anette, November 2021

"I get blood tests every month to monitor my own health situation. It is wonderful that this is available."

- Inez, October 2021

"DHA has been great to work with! They are always super friendly and prompt with their reply! 5/5 stars all around!"

- Bess, October 2021

"Only positive feedback, every e-mail question was answered promptly and with kindness!"

- Susan, October 2021

"Hi Jesse

Thanks so much for your outstanding work."

- Sheela, September 2021

"I’m so glad to know about and utilize your lab! What a wonderful service. I look forward to getting my test results. "

- Cathy, August 2021

"You are the absolute best, thank you for your help!"

- Leanne, August 2021

"We are about 4 weeks into treatment, and my son is responding amazingly well. He is not cured yet--and we know this will take time--but he says he feels like he is "60% better". He has had a very rough road, so 60% feels like a miracle. We feel so grateful to have found Dr. Mensah and have an easy way to access testing and the consultation. 1000% worth it."

- Anonymous, August 2021

"It is a good experience working with you."

- Anonymous, July 2021

"You guys have such excellent service. Thank you so much!"

- Anna, July 2021

"My son was experiencing some OCD behaviors, like washing his hands a lot and having intrusive thoughts, and intense feelings of guilt. We ordered the Metabolic Panel and consultation with Dr. Mensah. My son has been on his nutrient therapy plan for a few weeks now. I am already seeing a difference in him! He is starting to enjoy himself more, laughing again, and joking around. Before, he was consumed with his "thought life." I am feeling hopeful for his treatment plan. Dr. Mensah explained that it will take some time for his imbalances to even out with his protocol and I am grateful and excited to see my son getting better. It was a relief to see why my son was struggling the way he has been. To discover that there is a metabolic reason why his thoughts and behaviors were becoming hard for him to handle is a great thing. Now he knows that there is a "storm" in his body and that the supplements help to calm the storm."

- Anonymous, June 2021

"Thanks very much for your prompt reply and your courtesy. It's always a pleasant experience working with your lab, especially the customer service team."

- Vincine, June 2021

"Positive as always -you have the best customer service!"

- Debbie, April 2021

"We really appreciate you guys and your quick replies!"

- Jud, March 2021

“My experience using DHA Lab (urine kryptopyrrole test) has exceeded my expectations. The instructions were clear, the test was simple to complete on my own, and the shipping process was easy and fast. I received my results in less than a week. I also received quick and courteous customer service via email as needed. I would recommend DHA Lab. Thank you!”

- Morgan, January 2021

"The interaction with you at DHA Lab has been excellent so far. You addressed all the questions I had and I felt supported. Appreciate it very much! "

- Fabiola, January 2021

"Beyond appreciated for the quick response! Amazing service as always. Thank you!"

- Christie, January 2021

"Your customer service is excellent I am so happy to have started working with you"

- Lisa, December 2020

"I appreciate the communications I have

experienced with DHA Lab employees. Thank you for your graciousness and understanding."

- Brenda, December 2020

"Y'all are great!"

- Kyria, December 2020

"Thank you for your stellar customer service. It does not go unnoticed!"

- Susan, December 2020

"Great service as always!!"

- Kyria, November 2020

"DHA is very responsive, knowledgeable and accommodating. It’s a pleasure to work with them!"

- Isabel, November 2020

"Great service, thanks!!"

- Kyria, November 2020

"Working with DHA lab has been a wonderful experience, they give prompt feedback to every email thereby resulting to customer's satisfaction. In my own case no it only did DHA lab meet my requirement but exceeds it. Nice and polite staffs in their client Support team department to meet every customer's request. Keep up the good work. "

- Benjamin, November 2020

"I am only a little over a week in treatment, but am already feeling improvement. My anxiety has significantly improved and my depression is less severe."

- Anonymous, November 2020

"Love the out of the box thinking, this is PERFECT! I have 2 clients needing this panel in the next month or so. Thank you!!"

- Stacey, October 2020

"Thank you so much! I was very pleased with how quickly I received results and how easy the process was. I am consulting with a naturopathic dr trained in this area and just from my first glance, these tests provide helpful information for my health journey. I have already shared your website with family members who may also benefit from similar testing."

- Bethany, October 2020

"This is brilliant and saves us time by streamlining our testing vendors.
I appreciate your help with this Brew."

- Rachel, October 2020

"You have done an amazing job walking me through the process and making sure I have everything I need! Looking forward to working with you in the future."

- Ewa, September 2020

"Thank you for your immediate and thorough response to our questions. We are absolutely impressed with your customer service and level of professionalism- we will most definitely recommend your lab to others, and we look forward to utilizing your services. "

- Eryn, September 2020

"You have been very helpful! I really appreciate that you got back with me immediately when my first attempt to place an order failed. The instructions that I have now received to get the lab work done is very clear.

Thank you again for your assistance!"

- Kathie, September 2020

"Thank you for such a fast turnaround and for providing easy access to this OAT test."

- Diana, September 2020

"It has been a great experience and everything, from paying for the services, ease of setting up my appointment, and having my lab work done, went smoothly and efficiently. Thanks so much!"

- Sirena, September 2020

"Thank you for the EXTREMELY FAST response. I'm very impressed with your service."

- Jesse, August 2020

"Thank you for offering this service, it is an easy process and very helpful."

- Jenny, August 2020

"I’ve had a wonderful experience working with DHA labs. Everyone has been very helpful and positive to work with."

- Jillian, July 2020

"I’ve only run a few panels so far, but I’ve been really impressed. Customer service is fantastic and everything has been super fast and efficient. Thanks! "

- Justine, July 2020

"DHA provided great service, answered all of my questions, provided the insurance info when asked which was very helpful.

Overall it went really good and I am very happy I was able to do these tests! I feel confident in this lab!! Thank you so much!!"

- Anonymous, July 2020

"Thanks so much for your excellent work making the Mensah Medical testing possible at a reasonable cost! I would love for this to be more widely known/done to help people balance their brain chemistry instead of all the drug therapies!!"

- Anonymous, July 2020

"Thank you for your response. I really appreciate your awesome customer service! You have always responded so quickly with all my inquiries! Thanks."

- Kathleen, July 2020

"You guys rock!"

- Cheryl, July 2020

"You are the bomb. So much better than other labs I work with.
Timely is the best word I have and so nice.
I actually enjoy working with you.
Thank you.
Have a wonderful day!"

- Tracy, June 2020

"After 7 weeks on the supplements recommended by Dr. Mensah, I have begun to notice some improvement in my sense of general well being overall. I am less anxious and I feel more relaxed than before starting the program. My urine does not seem as concentrated and not as smelly as it was prior to the supplement program. Urinary frequency has improved slightly. I know it will take many months to improve the imbalance of the body chemistry. I look forward to experiencing more improvement over the coming weeks and months.

I benefited from the consultations with Dr. Mensah. His knowledge and practical advise were very helpful."

- Anonymous, June 2020

"Thank you! I appreciate the excellent customer service!"

- Melissa, May 2020

"My experience with DHA Laboratory was very good. I spoke with someone there on several occasions and they were very nice and eager to help.

I discovered Dr. Walsh online while searching for information about depression and anxiety and was amazed at what he was saying. I continued to watch as many videos of him that I could find and ordered his book, which I have read and highlighted many passages I found helpful.

I then decided to be evaluated through Mensah Medical, which led to communicating with DHA Laboratory.

I would highly recommend this evaluation to anyone who has symptoms associated with the findings discussed in Dr. Walsh's book and in the videos."

- Anonymous, May 2020

"Very pleased with the testing process. Very easy to understand instructions and the office answered all my questions I had. Dr. Mensah is very personable and willing to help. He asked good questions and seemed to grasp an understanding of my situation very quickly. The supplement protocol was easy to understand and they made it very easy to see what they recommended while opening it up to me to shop where it suited me best. I look forward to my 6-month testing to see what has improved."

- Anonymous, May 2020

"I just spoke with Dan in the Practitioner's support team about an order we are placing. He was very helpful."

- Kristina, May 2020


- Bernadette, May 2020

"Thank you so much for your great support! "

- Marilyn, May 2020

"The ordering process was easy, your customer service is great! Thank you"

- Angela, May 2020

"Thank you for making these awesome panels and allowing for the customization."

- Evan, April 2020

"Working with DHA labs is great - thank you!!"

- Kristen, April 2020

"Everything has been great thus far. I seriously appreciate all the communication and how much you guys clearly care about your clients."

- Evan, April 2020

Testing Ordered: Metabolic Panel (Advanced Brain Chemistry) & Consultation on Lab Results W/ Ablert Mensah, MD

Symptoms/Conditions: Pyrrole disorder, overmethylation, and copper toxicity

Response to treatment: “My issues are considered resolved, and I'm coasting comfortably in maintenance mode now. Very content and happy with the results. Thank you to all involved!”

- Anonymous, April 2020

"Love the quick turn around :-)"

- Kyria, March 2020

"Your customer service is EXCELLENT with the lab and I love the test results, they are very easy to read! :)"

- Kelsey, March 2020

"It was very easy for me to order these labs. The information I received was very helpful. Thank you!"

- Susan, January 2020

"Dear Team,

Thank you very very much for your support and care throughout the process.
Each and everyone from DHA are doing a wonderful and great job by supporting people who are suffering mentally.
May God bless you all with tons of good things and love.

Love to work with you again. Hope the time will come soon again."

- Anonymous, January 2020

"We are very pleased with your excellent service. Lab results are accurate and turn around is timely. We have had multiple phone conferences with Daniel over the past year, and DHA always follows through. "

- Stan, December 2019

"So far the experience working with you has been great! No complaints at all!"

- David, December 2019

"Always great experience!
Great customer service"

- Leah, November 2019

"You guys have such great customer service!"

- Vandi, Novemeber 2019

"The service from your company has been great!"

- Rebecca, October 2019

"I was feeling tired. My moods were fluctuating frequently. I had to keep a very strict diet for fear of getting sick. I was doing a lot of meditation, walking, and body "hacking" to maintain my mental, emotional, and physical health. I don't have to work quite so hard to maintain my mental, emotional, and physical health. I feel more balanced. I haven't gotten sick. It helps to know that there are physiological reasons for our overall health. It also helps to know that organizations like Mensah Medical care about each person's wellbeing and work to help people increase their quality of life. I know my life has been changed for the better. Thank you. :)"

- Anonymous, October 2019

"I’m glad that I got tested for Pyrrole Disorder. I’m happy that there’s a valid reason for the issues I’m dealing with and that there’s an effective way to treat them.
I’m very thankful for DHA Labs for the speedy processing and reporting of my results that treatment got started immediately. Thank you!"

- Anonymous, October 2019

"Since signing up with DHA labs I’ve had nothing be the best experience - over the top friendliness and prompt customer service along with ease of use + convenience. It’s been a game changer for my business to be able to serve my clients with a variety of cutting edge lab tests.

Thank you so much!!"

- Rachel, October 2019

"I suffered four episodes of depression during the past four years. Symptoms included loss of interest, mental fatigue, sadness, hopelessness, tiredness, among others."

Response To Treatment:

"So far has been great. No side effects, no pain, feeling well."

- Anonymous, September 2019

"I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to purchase the $448.00 package through Mensah Medical and DHA Labs. I could not take the drugs recommended for my condition and getting treatment according to the lab reports has been wonderful for me. My symptoms are not gone as of yet, but I would take this package again even if they don't all go away as I feel so much better. Also the staff at DHA were very, very patient and helpful when I was first finding out about how the process worked!"

- Anonymous, September 2019

"Dear Danny

Wow, thank you so much for this wonderful service and you do not have to apologize.

Thank you for everything. I love working together with DHA, with you… It is a big gift.

I wish you a wonderful day and a relaxing weekend. and thank you so much again."

- Antoinette, September 2019

"You guys are great to work with - very responsive and well priced! Thank you!"

- Dr.Noble, September 2019

"Within a few days after sending the blood and urine samples the lab test was completed and the results were passed to Dr. Mensah and I received a call for an appointment. His questions showed his decades of experience and ability to determine what was best for me. He informed me of the time it would take for positive results and what the limits of the treatment were --- that one of my deficits would not be directly affected. I suggested that a more developed prefrontal cortex would allow me to create a work around and he agreed. I received a verbal accounting of the lab results and clear instructions as to the proper manner of treatment, as well as, a printed copy.
Dr. Mensah was very open with his comments, revealing his reasoning in response to my questions and answers. Of particular note is that considering the unusual nature of the treatment and the complexity of my life long mental illness it was reasonable that I might wonder if the good Doctor knew what he was talking about. When during our conversation I hinted as much he, without hesitation or anger or limiting his advice, but quite pointedly, listed his multitude of qualifications and experience which I accepted as sufficient and worth the cost and time required to follow the treatment protocol."

- Wiley, September 2019

"Great service!"

- Eduardo, August 2019

"Your support team answered all my questions with respect and great knowledge. Thank you!"

- Melissa, August 2019

"The customer service for DHA labs has been and continues to be one of it’s greatest assets. Truly a great company to collaborate with, making my practice run much more smoothly."

- Gabrielle, 2019

"Thank you. I am new to DHA labs but so far have been impressed with the great service and quick attention to issues. Thank you"

- Anne, April 2019

"Thank you so much for your kindness! We so appreciate your wonderful client care and are grateful for your services for our whole family. Hope you have the most lovely Spring!"

- Leigh Ann, April 2019

"Thank you very much for the prompt reply. I also want to thank you for clarifying the potential timeline for hearing back from the lab director. This type of customer service is rare. I am very appreciative."

- Jamie, March 2019

"Great! Thank you very much. My feedback on your service is that it is excellent! Dan and the rest of the staff provided me all the help I required and always answered my questions. Thank you very much for all the help! Best wishes and regards."

- Francisco, February 2019

"My experience with DHA has been great! Anytime I email with questions, I get a quick response. Turn around time on testing is good, too. Thanks for all you do!"

- Shelley, January 2019

"This is my second lab test through DHA and both times the process has been very smooth. Your website is easy to navigate and make payment. Lab requisition and all necessary and helpful (let me stress helpful) information is quickly provided. Thank you for offering such a nice service!"

- Jean, September 2018

"Thank you so much for your wonderful and personal service. It's refreshing and reassuring in this time of computerized people! Bless you and DHA Lab! "

- Marcia, August 2018

This email is regarding My experience with DHA Lab.
My experience with DHA Lab is very positive. I live in Hawaii and there are special instructions when sending out lab kits from here. DHA Labs took the time to call me personally to make sure I was aware of these instructions and the additional cost. The Lab associates were always very mindful of what time they called me because of the time difference. I also messed up on a portion of the test and they were kind enough to send me a replacement test without any charge. I was so worried I’d have to pay for another test kit, these test kits are not cheap! Every time I called or emailed I got a response within 24 hours. DHA Labs is professional and I would order tests again from DHA Labs!

- Feedback from Hawaiian patient, July 2018

"I’ve been extremely happy with my 2 interactions with your lab. I’ve made 2 mistakes and you’ve helped me out in a very timely manner with both errors. Pia was very nice on the phone and had a quick solution to my problem. In addition, I appreciate the quick response to my email request just now. Thank you 😊"

- Elissa, June 2018

"Thank you very much for your excellent customer service, you have been very supportive and constantly answered my requests very quickly. Wish you and your employer all the best. Keep up the good work"

- Samer, June 2018

"DHA has one of the most professional, helpful and friendly customer services that I have ever dealt with. Thank you for caring!"

- Patricia, June 2018

"You guys are so very wonderful to work with, and have always exceeded my expectations! Thanks Again!!!!"

- Hollie, June 2018

"Thank you for your awesome customer service!"

- Noelle, June 2018

"My experience with DHA lab has been a positive one, even if things aren't going smoothly with regards to shipping. You answer my emails promptly and courteously, thank you."

- Guy, June 2018

"So far, your customer service is excellent having answered all of my initial questions in a timely fashion."

- Maryann, June 2018

"it's been good working with you so far :)"

- Leah, May 2018

"Your service has been excellent-returning of phone calls, accessibility, care, etc.
Thank you!​"

- Jane, April 2018

"Any time I have called, your rep has going above and beyond!!! It’s a pleasure to call. My one “complaint” would be that it takes a few days for the requisition to get queued up and the requisition and test kit sent.

Thanks for all you do."

- Patti, April 2018

"I am very happy with your service. Thanks for allowing me to order needed labs for my client through your medical director. Although I'm not an MD and cannot order labs directly through LabCorp, I have sufficient education to interpret and make sound evidence-based recommendations based on them. I also know when to refer out to a medical doctor. My practice focuses on nutritional support to help restore function, and your company is an integral part of me being able to help my clients!"

- Gail, April 2018

"Great service!!"

- Alan, April 2018

"So far everything has been awesome. Thank you :-)"

- -Robert, April 2018

"Thanks for the prompt reply, it is truly appreciated! Take care and keep up the good work."

- Ryan, April 2018

"My experience working with DHA is outstanding. I can always get the assistant that I need in a timely manner. My representative Daniel Hanson is awesome meeting all my needs."

- Jennie, April 2018

"I have used your service before and have been very pleased!"

- Regina, March 2018

"I want to express my appreciation to Jessie and Dan for taking the time to assist me with problems regarding important tests that were not included with my blood work. This is the third problem that I had with LabCorp. Jessie and Dan went out of their way to ensure that I was able to retake the tests in a timely manner. Thank you again for your professionalism and kindness in handling these situations to my complete satisfaction."

- Felice, March 2018

"I really do appreciate your expedient assistance."

- Susie, March 2018

"Just a short feedback. Awsome service, very professional, just wonderful people to work with. Thanks a million."

- Robert, March 2018

"The staff at DHA has always been very accommodating to me and to my clients, and a pleasure to work with!"

- Hollie, March 2018

"I just started ordering but I’m super impressed so far! Thank you for your amazing service!"

- Shawna, March 2018

"My brief experience with DHA Labs has been one of professional and timely customer support. Thx, DHA!"

- Susan, March 2018

"Everyone that I've worked with via phone has been excellent to work with. They have been professional, knowledgeable, courteous, pleasant, and helpful."

- James, Feburary 2018

"You guys are the best. I will refer you often on my board for families dealing with kids with special needs. You have gone above my expectations."

- Kari, February 2018

"The reps are very patient, courteous, and helpful. It is a pleasure dealing with your company. Outstanding customer service!"

- Cindy, December 2017

"Everyone I have spoken with at DHA has been great, starting with Nick and it was great to meet him at a Mensah Medical outreach clinic over a year ago. It is so refreshing to find excellent customer service. Thank You!"

- Nanette, November 2017

"I always receive a very prompt confirmation when the order forms I submit are received which I very much appreciate. Great service, thank you!"

- Sarah, November 2017

"I cannot thank you enough for your time and efforts! You are all the best! Thank you so much and know that in this world of medical care you guys are top notch! Thanks again!"

- Sarah, October 2017

The form was very easy to fill out.
My representative has been very courteous - super important! ;-)
Cheers to future orders.

- Dr. Laura, October 2017

"You are very easy to work with and communicate the necessary information for the patient. Thank you."

- Allison, October 2017

"Thank you so much and I do greatly appreciate the quick and kind responses from your team. It’s been a pleasure to work with you and is worlds above where our standard of practice experiences have been in the traditional medicine environment. Thank you for your kindness and professionalism."

- Jenni, October 2017

"Thank you again for your help! #bestlabever"

- Brendan, October 2017

I have been very satisfied with our service from DHA.

Brian is very professional, kind, helpful and prompt.

It is a pleasure working with your company!

Thank you!

- Susan, October 2017

I have had three separate interactions with DHA Labs and Mensah Medical. My husband and I are impressed with the quick responses we have received. Also, I was surprised that I got a response and your e-mail actually answered my questions. When someone is dealing with an ill child, being treated with kindness and professionalism is greatly appreciated. We are confident that our son will receive the best care through DHA and Mensah Medical. Thank you.

- Deborah, October 2017

"Very impressive and professional indeed."

- Huma, October 2017

"Nick is fabulous!! Everyone in customer service I have talked with has been very helpful and a pleasure to work with. Thank you!"

- Cassandra, October 2017

"Thank you for your help! You guys rock!"

- Brendan, October 2017

"Everyone that I have spoken to has been so friendly and helpful. You always go out of your way to ensure that the proper codes are used so that I don't have to battle with Medicare and pay hundreds of dollars for my lab work. The Medicare system is new to me and not a happy situation. Ellen Hanson went well beyond the limits of regular customer service and made sure that my lab bill at Lab Corp was correctly credited as I could not afford the high cost that Medicare did not cover and you guys worked with me on my lab costs. AMAZING!! Every person that I have interacted with at DHA Labs has explained the process in such a kind and individualized manner. You make me feel like I'm the only person that you have to deal with. This, as you know, is not typical these days.

Thank you all so much. Know that you are all appreciated!"

- Carol, August 2017

"So far I have been well pleased with the level of efficiency and professionalism demonstrated. I appreciate having this opportunity to get help with health issues beyond my family practitioner's level of understanding."

- Sharon, August 2017

"DHA Labs is very thorough, professional and is quick to assist their clients. I am extremely satisfied with the service I have received."

- Leah, July 2017

"Thank you again for going way beyond what most people would do (and have done) for me. It is greatly appreciated. I believe in doing the right thing and I continue to believe that there are good people-and you are among those!"

- Carol, July 2017

"This has been such a convenient way to bring my clients lab work specific to my needs and wants for each individual person. The more I explore the more I'm impressed with what DHA Labs has to offer! Thank you for making this a seem less approach to my wellness recommendations for my clients!"

- Dr. Kirsten, July 2017

"I enjoy working with your lab. You always respond quickly to questions and are very helpful. Thank you!"

- Malinda, July 2017

"I have had positive experiences with DHA and ordering bloodwork. I've also received excellent customer service and support! Highly recommend them!"

- Heather, July 2017

"Very friendly, courteous, professional and prompt with responding to my questions. They clarified all the concerns I had about the products. Very knowledgeable, indeed. Thank you!"

- Thina, June 2017

"My experience with Direct Health Care Access has been a great experience. Cutting edge labs at a great price with quick friendly service, what more could a practitioner want.. Looking forward to having DHA Labs as my go to 1 stop shop for all my lab testing as my client base grows."

- Jeff, May 2017

"Thank you again for superb customer service!"

- LaRoque, March 2017

"DHA is always extremely helpful, responsive and courteous, it is a pleasure working with them. DHA has enabled me to become a more effective practitioner."

- Melissa, January 2017

"Thank you for the good work you have done for me in 2016. It has made a great difference to many people."

- Dr. O'Flaherty, December 2016

"A note to tell you how wonderful it is working with DHA labs.... The entire team has been kind and considerate and the customer service has been top notch...thanks again :)

- Jennifer, December 2016

"Very good, looks like I’m all set! Thanks again, and my compliments to the excellent service from DHA so far."

- Brian, November 2016

"I love how quickly I get a response. Staff is always friendly and helpful."

- Sandie, November 2016

"Thank you for your help on this and all of the invaluable information on your web site. I have referred my children to you for testing as well."

- Laurie, September 2016

"Thank you so much for your prompt response to my numerous emails and phone messages and for expediting my daughter's test results so that I can get my daughter the help she needs! I really appreciate all your lab did for me. All of the staff I came in contact with were friendly and so helpful. I would highly recommend your lab to anyone".

- Stephanie, August 2016

"Stephanie, thanks very much for letting us know the form has been received.
And thanks to Brian who processed the lab work requisition in a timely manner allowing us to complete the blood draw this week before the start of school."

- Elizabeth, September 2016

"Thank you so much for going above and beyond. I appreciate you getting this done for us quickly."

- Ainslee, September 2016

"I found the experience to be extremely organized and well-done."

- Holly, September 2016

"Thank you so much for this information. We are really happy with your services and the speed of results coming back."

- Jesse, September 2016

"Thank you for the test results! We appreciate all the information the test provided. This process has been very smooth thanks to the very clear instructions included in the testing kit."

- Marisa, September 2016

"Thank you for the lab results! The staff response to my email, phone call and in receiving the lab results exceeded expectations and were right in line with your website information. Now all I have to decide is whether or not a consultation is something that would help me figure out how to address my bio-chemical issues."

- Dana, September 2016

To Whom It May Concern:
Our experience with DHA has been excellent.
In particular, Dan has been extremely helpful and supportive
with any problems we had incurred with the testing procedures. Mr. Hanson was
very professional and understanding with our situation and was expedient
in getting our problems resolved. We thank Mr. Hanson for his outstanding
attention to detail. We are looking forward to working with you again in the future."

- Richard, Felice, and Eric, August 2016

"I would like to say a big THANK YOU to you and your team for your kind, fast, competent, and truly helpful service! It makes such a difference to be treated with kindness... and it encourages everybody around to be friendly and gracious too. I'm surely going to recommend DHA Laboratory to others. Thanks again."

- Franziska, July 2016

"I do want you to know that I am truly impressed with DHA Laboratory's team. Your team as a whole are gems, and I'm sure you appreciate them. I just want to let you know how much I personally do too!!"

- Deloris, May 2016

"Thank you for your patience and for working so hard to help out family."

- Monika, March 2016

"Thanks again for all you help. Your customer support team is EXCELLENT and I am happy to be doing business with you."

- Barbara, February 2016

"I am delighted with DHA labs. The staff I spoke to Danny, Brian and the woman who sent this were all very helpful, good problem-solvers and very professional and prompt with their actions. I had an issue on billing (from the Dr. side) and a question on the form and everyone helped me out with the first phone call to them.

Keep up the good work. It's a pleasure to talk to a helpful human when I call a lab. I don't get this kind of good treatment from other labs!!"

- Linda, January 2016

"You guys are the best!! Best service, courteous and knowledgeable!"

- Gabriella, January 2016

"Thanks again for all your help and guidance!"

- AK G, December 2015

"Thanks for all your help. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it."

- Greg, November 2015

"Thanks again for all of your help with my questions."

- Lance, October 2015

"I an getting very impressive results, and so I am grateful to your lab for helping this to happen!"

- Dr. Minde, October 2015

"YOU are super fantastic! Thank you for such a comprehensive response."

- Anna, September 2015

"Thanks for the help for the tests we've had done. Thanks very much"

- Joan, September 2015

"Thank you for your kind telephone call and attention!*:) happy"

- Annette, September 2015

"This is great! Thank you!"

- Arlene, September 2015

"I really think you all are very professional, easy to work with, and customer focused which is not always easy to find these days so very much appreciated."

- Lori, April 2016

"This is my second experience with the Direct Health Care Family, and my daughter recently had her first. In all three of these experiences we have been absolutely delighted with all aspects of our transactions. Your process for facilitating good testing for people who are at some distance from your location is nothing short of amazing. It is so easy to use and so well thought out, and I can't believe that I can order tests and have detailed results in about two weeks from the time of placing the order. It's hard to do much better than that at our local labs.

Additionally, every time I've had a question or needed some help, a member of your family has done an excellent job of addressing my needs. Thank you all so much for what you are doing for so many!"

- Don, April 2016

"Nick always seems to be able to bring a sense of caring as well as an attention to detail that is crucial when focusing on the many tests, doctor consults and anything else that accompanies the work required to improve one's health. Nick definitely makes the process much easier and I feel that fact strongly places DHA above all other lab's."

- Michelle, March 2016

"I want to thank you for taking this time to help me out in getting this testing completed. Will be anxious for results so I can properly start the necessary vitamin protocol and claim my good health once again....long overdue!

Thank You for your help in making Pyroluria and it's 'affiliates' known and successfully infiltrate big pharma-run western medicine! You're a Godsend."

- Ashley, December 2015

"Hi Nick- thank you for this! I checked in with the parents- their child is doing better already. Much appreciated"

- Danna, January 2016

"I had a meeting at my business and one of my employees - who had asked me to test her young adult son in December - was in tears as she told everyone how he is no longer under the cloud of depression he had since childhood.

This is very important work you are doing. By far, the easiest way to get dramatic results that I've ever seen.

All the best."

- Dan, April 2016

"Thank you so much for spending so much time, investing into your clients desires. It's such a pleasant experience to work with you and such an amazing lab. I truly feel blessed and honored to be part of such an awesome work for the hurting world:)
Your lab test results have already brought so much insight and help for my patients. It's always so rewarding when they're getting better being on a protocol that's based on their results. Not so much a diagnose but as a road map to their healthy and happy future.
Couldn't be the clinician I am without you :)"

- Alexandra, April 2016

"I just said a very simple thank you in my short reply to you, and you deserve more than that. I am so thankful that you actually took the time to look at my previous tests before you answered my questions. That is exactly what I needed someone to do for me. I live in central Indiana and there is no one here with the training to answer my questions. I really appreciate your efforts.

Everyone with whom I've interacted at your lab has exhibited this type of concern for the clients. I applaud you all!"

- Don, April 2016

"Thank you so much for detailed information and clarification. This helps a lot. Your kindness and patience is truly outstanding."

- Alexandra, November 2015

"Thanks again for all your help! You’ve been incredible."

- Greg, November 2015

"Thank you so much for getting this to us so quickly. Your company has been really easy to work with, and that is exceedingly rare these days."

- Dana, October 2015

"So far, the experience has been excellent! Everything was excellent from start to finish. Thank you!"

- Tina, October 2015

"Thanks for the quick and clear communication! Appreciated."

- Krista, October 2015

"I am getting very impressive results, and so I am grateful to your lab for helping this to happen!"

- Thomas, October 2015

"Wow I'm really impressed with how fast the results came back. I’m a bit puzzled at my level however. My original score for pyroluria was very close to this. I tested a few months ago with your lab and I’ve been following a protocol by Dr. Mensah ever since. It really makes me question weather or not there is a correlation between kryptopyrroles and b6 and zinc. It seems that supplementing these two for months did nothing to affect the level of urine kryptopyrrole in my urine. When I first started the protocol I felt amazing, then after a couple of weeks the effects wore off and I no longer feel any difference. I just had the metabolic panel done through your site and am awaiting the results, I hope that will help with my anxiety."

- Greg, September 2015

"I am very happy with DHA Lab's customer service and quick test results! I am a mental health nutrition consultant and will recommend DHA for all my clients' lab test needs."

- Linda, September 2015

"I am sure it will be wonderful working with you! Thank you for your kind telephone call and attention!"

- Annette, September 2015

"I am beyond satisfied with the customer service, quick turnaround time and quality testing that I receive from Direct Health Care Access.
Respectfully Submitted,"

- Karen, August 2015

"Thank you so much for letting me know. The service you have provided have been excellent and I totally appreciated the help I got by phone.
Great job! Outstanding!"

- Clifford, August 2015

"Thank you so much! I very much appreciate working with your people. Little things can do me in so fast but I found out very quickly that your people are VERY patient and kind. It has always meant a lot to me to be able to call Direct Health Care Access and know I could take to someone who would be patient with me! May God bless you for it!"

- Laura Mae, August 2015

"Thank you so much for emailing the lab test paperwork. That is SO helpful! We appreciate all of your help. Every phone call to you guys is refreshing; You all know how to do customer service!"

- Jennifer, August 2015

"I would like to say that I really appreciated the very friendly, courteous, and caring staff I had the privilege of talking to on the phone. More than just customer service, they treated me like I was a valuable human being to them, and also were efficient and punctual in their service. Several of my calls and requests were processed by representative Nick and he was an absolute wonderful person to work with. I have much thanks and appreciation for everything this company is doing and how it is part of the creation of an alternative to the medical mainstream, that I believe offers a more holistic, healthier, natural, less toxic and detrimental, and more effective and permanent remedying of diseases than medical mainstream can offer."

- Joshua, June 2015

"A pleasure working with you, thank you for your high level of patient care"

- Heather, June 2015

"Our experience with working with your company has been exceptional. The local lab and shipping process was clear cut and simple. Daniel Hanson has gone above and beyond to be helpful to us. We can’t thank you enough for making this easy."

- Jo, June 2015

"You rock my friend! Thanks for sending this over. I can't wait to get started on consults with them. I've loved the experience with your lab so far. Keep up the great work."

- Evan, June 2015

"When I called your customer service to ask about what I could do to expedite my results, the man who answered was both friendly and helpful. After I told him that I had a doctor's appointment scheduled relatively soon, he allowed me to mail my test on a day that was not the day my directions dictated and put a note in your system to expedite my results. This was evidently done, as I just received notice that my results were sent to my practitioner, 2 days after I had sent in my kit. I really appreciate the quick turn around and the wonderful service. Thank you very much"

- Nancy, June 2015

"I appreciate the notification. Your company was very professional in every aspect. The kits were mailed out and the analysis completed in a timely manner. I had several questions regarding testing and found your staff very knowledgeable and easy to speak with. This was a good experience! Thank you."

- Mardie, June 2015

"Thanks for your response. It has been easy working with your company. Your directions for testing and mailing are precise concise and easy to follow. Your response toy email was timely. I would definitely use your services again and would recommend you to others. Thanks"

- Barbara, May 2015

"Thanks so much, Nick, for all you have done and continue to do! I deeply appreciate it!"

- Anna, March 2015

"This has been my third time working with Direct Healthcare Access and it has been a positive experience each and every time."

- Donna, February 2015

"Excellent follow up and customer service. Thanks!"

- Vasiliki, February 2015

"Thank you so much.
You have the best customer service of any company I've ever dealt with :-)"

- Kari, January 2015

"My experience working with Nick Marino at Direct Health Care Access was extremely positive. Nick was very responsive to my tight scheduling constraints, and was very professional. I very much appreciated his excellent customer service, and the fact that he worked closely with me to arrange for a rapid shipment and processing of the test kit and blood work. I would highly recommend the services provided by Direct Health Care Access to others. Thank you."

- Tim, December 2014

"Thank you so much for your immediate response to my request for lab results. I have been a customer for almost two years and I am always so impressed with the excellent customer service I receive. Thank you for patiently explaining test protocols, navigating insurance obstacles, and consistently exceeding expectations. It is clear that you take great pride in your work and truly care about the patients you serve. Wishing you continued success,"

- Julie, December 2014

"Thank you for the opportunity to provide feed back to you on my experience with your company.
I am very pleased with the service I received . The kit directions were clear and not intimidating and my calls and emails with questions were handled in a professional and kindly manner.
If necessary, I would not hesitate to use your company again."

- Debora, December 2014

"My experience of working with Direct Health Care Access was very good-no hassle with the testing procedure and no hassle with follow up to receive an invoice. Testing instructions were very clear. Thank you for making this such an easy experience."

- Myrna, November 2014

"My experience working with Direct health Care Access II has been great. Every time I speak with someone on the phone they are courteous and knowledgeable. My experience with the lab requisitions and results has been easy, as has been obtaining a receipt to submit to insurance. Thank you for the great service!"

- Jaimee, November 2014

"Quick service, professional. Great overall experience. Thanks"

- Linda, November 2014

"Everyone that I spoke with was professional and friendly. My test results were provided quickly which is greatly appreciated. The whole process was simple and easy. Thank you!!"

- Kim, November 2014

"You have provided me with wonderful, immediately responsive customer service which I appreciate so very much. THANK YOU! It’s not often when doing business on the web that one can actually get response to questions so promptly ~ let alone at all ~ and I VERY MUCH appreciate it. It’s especially important in the business you’re in. I’m trying to time the testing with a doctor’s visit, and your helping me know how to accomplish that is a blessing! Have a wonderful day and week ~ and keep up the good work.
With Appreciation and Gratitude,"

- Perry, November 2014

"Very fast and efficient service. Spoke with the most friendly and helpful customer service person! Thank you!"

- Venice, October 2014

"Thank you! Great service! It is a pleasure working with you! Looking forward to a long relationship!"

- Cynthia, October 2014

"It was an excellent experience for my daughter, in your lab. Thank you for your patience and kindness."

- Nicola, October 2014

"I must say I had some reservations about ordering my own blood work but after working with Direct Health Care I can't believe I waited to do so. Every single member of the staff I spoke with from the pleasant person who answered my first call to the knowledgeable lab technicians could not have made me more at ease. A considerable amount of time was spent answering my numerous questions and at the end of each call I was told to please feel free to call back if I have any more questions. I could not recommend them more for anyone searching for health questions that seem overwhelming. It's a piece if mind to have Direct Health as part of your team. A sincere thank you."

- C.K., September 2014

"My experience working with both Nick and Daniel were phenomenal. They were extremely personable, knowledgeable and helpful, and took very good care of me both times I needed assistance.
With my gratitude."

- Marcia, September 2014

“I am very pleased with my experiences of working with you so far. I will be telling others about you. Thank you.”

- Marilyn, June 2013

“I’ve had an excellent experience with your company… rapid test results, professional and helpful customer service. I’ve already recommended to others.”

- Maria, July 2013

“My feedback is very positive. Your response was prompt and answered my question satisfactorily. Thank you.”

- Donna, July 2013

“Its been a pleasure working with you guys. Loved the person to person (not a machine) contact. Thanks!”

- Barb, July 2013

“Thank you! Your service is excellent, including the turnaround time.”

- Svyatoslav, July 2013

“Loved the process and the info. Thank you.”

- Sue, July 2013

“Working with you has been very easy and efficient. I appreciate the kindness and answering questions. Thank you!”

- Sharon, June 2013

“Regarding your services, I think its one of the best that I ever had to deal with! You have incredible customer service – very polite, considerate, taking the time to explain everything in detail, quick response, no hassles and such reasonable rates! All the kits arrived on time with proper instructions and shipping packages. Also, great communication.

During this time of my son’s illness when we had/have to deal with a lot of inconsiderate and terrible service from other health care providers, you are a prayer answered! I would highly recommend you to everyone that I know is looking for help (and there are several people who are but don’t know where to start).

Thank you again for your services!”

- Shahj, May 2013

“Very very impressed with service, I was very skeptical about the whole process but wanted to try out. Everything about response was prompt and detailed. My kid has both mercury and uranium poisoning. Low zinc to copper as well. Test results were sent back as PDF making the process as easy and helpful as possible. Thank you for your integrity.”

- Raj, April 2013

“I have had nothing but positive experiences with your lab. I have spoken to both Nick & Dan several times each on the phone, and they are so incredibly helpful and friendly. They are also extremely knowledgeable and always took time to answer all my questions (never rushing to get off the phone.)

I would say you definitely have outstanding customer service, and it has been a pleasure working with your lab. I have been telling my friends about my experience and urging them to be tested as well. Thanks.”

- Michelle, March 2013

“The responses to my inquiries have been handled professionally and expediently. I appreciate greatly the options offered, Names and Telephone numbers listed as well as an opportunity to discuss my situation with Management. I am hoping that based upon our discussion, I will finally be able to offer my son an excellent chance at recovery, and not having to live in a drug induced limbo. Thank you.”

- Mark, March 2013

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