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Dr. Charles Bens – Healthy at Work Brain Health Analysis


Product Description

**Note: All laboratory testing requires an authorizing physician. DHA Laboratory offers a patient direct program that partners you with an authorizing physician. If you have any additional questions regarding the availability of testing, please contact our laboratory by telephone or email.**


The Healthy at Work Brain Health Analysis Includes:

Doctor’s Data DNA Oxidative Damage Urine Test, Labrix NeuroBasic Profile Urine Test, C-Reactive Protein hs, Coenzyme Q10 Total, Copper Serum, Cortisol, DHEA-S, Estradiol, Fibrinogen Activity, GGT, Glutathione Total, GlycoMark, Growth Hormone Serum, Histamine Whole Blood, Homocyst(e)ine Plasma, Insulin Fasting, LDL-P, Lipid Panel w. LDL/HDL Ratio, Magnesium RBC, Methylmalonic Acid Serum, MMP-9, OmegaCheck, Progesterone, T3 Free, T3 Reverse, T4 Free, Testosterone Serum, TMAO, TSH, Vitamin A, E, & Beta Carotene Vitamin B6 Plasma, Vitamin D-25, Hydroxy, and Zinc Plasma


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