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Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) Free, LCMS/Dialysis


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**Note: All laboratory testing requires an authorizing physician. DHA Laboratory offers a Patient Direct Program that partners you with an authorizing physician. If you have any additional questions regarding the availability of testing, please contact our laboratory by telephone or email.**


DHT is a powerful form of testosterone essential for sexual development in men. However, aging men tend to have higher levels of DHT. This could potentially lead to problems such as hair loss and problems with the prostate. This DHT measurement is used to diagnose 5α-reductase deficiency and for the evaluation of androgen utilization. DHT is produced by the reduction of testosterone by 5α-reductase in the target organs. Circulating DHT is tightly bound to sex hormone-binding globulin. The free fraction represents the DHT available to act on tissues.


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