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Iron & TIBC + Ferritin


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**Note: All laboratory testing requires an authorizing physician. DHA Laboratory offers a patient direct program that partners you with an authorizing physician. If you have any additional questions regarding the availability of testing, please contact our laboratory by telephone or email.**


This test is used to aid in the evaluation of a number of conditions involved with red cell production and destruction, iron transport, or iron metabolism. This will assist your physician in differentiating between different types of anemia. May also be used to help diagnose hemochromatosis (iron overload). High levels of iron are associated with kidney/liver disease and a deficiency in vitamin B6. Low iron levels have symptoms including fatigue, headaches, or muscle pain. The ferritin test is used to evaluate an individual’s iron levels in the body. Ferritin is often paired with an iron test and also a TIBC test. Ferritin levels correlate with and are useful in evaluation of total body storage iron. From this test you will be able to identify if you are deficient or high in iron levels.


Patient Preparation: Discontinue any supplements containing Biotin for 72 hours prior to specimen collection. The sample should be drawn before the patient is given therapeutic iron or blood transfusion. Iron determinations on patients who have had blood transfusions should be delayed for at least 4 days.


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