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Microbial Organic Acids Test (MOAT) (21)

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**Note: All laboratory testing requires an authorizing physician. DHA Laboratory offers a patient direct program that partners you with an authorizing physician. If you have any additional questions regarding the availability of testing, please contact our laboratory by telephone or email.**


Microbial Organic Acids Test (MOAT) (21) Urine

The Microbial Organic Acids Test (MOAT) identifies metabolites produced by both bacteria and yeast.  Elevated MOAT levels are due to yeast or bacterial dysbiosis. This test is included in the Organic Acids Test (OAT).

The MOAT test reports 21 metabolites including markers for harmful and beneficial bacteria.  In addition, it includes markers for beneficial and harmful bacteria, Clostridia and Candida species, yeast and fungal metabolites, and general markers of dysbiosis.

Practitioners who are performing followup testing to the OAT will order the Microbial Organic Acids Test (MOAT).  This is due to the MOAT‘s ability to asses treatment, and monitor or identify specific abnormalities, or certain microbial imbalances.

Prior to collection, patients should avoid apples, grapes, pears, and cranberries as well as their juices or products for 48 hours prior to collection.  In addition, patients should avoid arabinogalactan, reishi mushrooms, ribose supplements and echinacea for 12 hours prior to their specimen collection. This test is a first morning urine specimen.

The Microbial Organic Acids Test (MOAT) is an at home urine collection kit and is available in most states, and for international purchase.  The price varies for international MOAT kits – please contact our laboratory for more information on international kits.


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